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Disclaimer of Warranty and Assumption of Risk

Due to the variable nature of the viruses, the uncertainty of the science and the lack of available research about the efficiency of cleaning technology, J&F Sanitizing Solutions, LLC. (J&F Sanitizing Solutions) make no representation or warranties except as expressly set forth in this web site. Based on presently available information, the process is reasonable believe to be effective, but only until the work areas are reoccupied, at which point, they can be contaminated again and pose a life and safety hazard due to the circumstances beyond J&F Sanitizing Solutions control. This service is performed with data and instructions from the CDC, disinfectant agent manufacture(s), and fogging equipment manufacturer. We take great pride to preform our services on a professional level. We cannot guarantee effectiveness pre or post results or making any claims or promises for final results. Customer accepts and assumes the risk that the disease will spread, even in ideal conditions, customer therefore understands and acknowledges there are inherit limitations to the work and that currently there are not established methods to affordably confirm the eradication of the virus from the building. Customer agrees to regularly check for CDC updates about the spread of the disease and proper control and measures and to take all appropriate actions to protect occupants.

*Please note that due to the nature of the virus and the demand of our services we will do our best to accommodate all of our customers. Please check our book on-line tool to claim your spot. All sales are final, due to the economic and environmental risk, we required payment upon scheduling.